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Posting Re-enabled! :-)
Websites Posted by Chris Withers on Sunday March 05, @08:55PM
from the oh-thank-god dept.
Well, I'm just turning on anonymous posting again now...
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Posting Temporarilly Disabled :-(
Squishdot Posted by Chris Withers on Sunday February 12, @01:35PM
from the grrr-hate-kill dept.
There's some spam bot still trying to exploit the recently-fixed spam vulnerability in Squishdot. I've got tired of deleting the junk postings from the moderation queue so, reluctantly, and hopefully temporarily, I've disabled anonymous posting to Squishdot.org

If you want to ask question, please join the mailing list and ask there...

Small Spam Vulnerability in Squishdot
Squishdot Posted by Chris Withers on Thursday February 09, @06:48PM
from the hmmm-well-yeah-I-guess-sigh-sigh dept.
Garikoitz Araolaza reported some problems he was having with his Squishdot sites being used to send spam. This article contains a fix...
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Jumped to Zope 2.8.4, Problem with Linux Medical News
Squishdot Posted by I. Valdes on Thursday December 22, @05:25AM
from the Squishdot. dept.
Hello all, I just made the jump to Zope 2.8.4. All of my Squishdot sites work except the flagship Linux Medical News http://www.linuxmednews.com. Linux Medical News is up and running and you can post articles and replies, but the 'Postings' tab is un-accessible, giving me an error. As well, the Re-catalog button gives an error. I've included the tracebacks.
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Date format
How-To Posted by Petra Aradi on Sunday November 20, @08:38PM
from the dept.
I need to change the date format of articles to the local format. In index_html <dtml-var "date_posted('%Y.%m.%d. %H:%M')"> works fine, but when I try to use it in showSearchResults, I got an error message.
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Modifying showSearchResults page
Newbies Posted by Fredrik Karlsson on Saturday November 12, @09:01PM
from the dept.
There is probably a really easy solution to my problem but since Im not a programer I really need some help.

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global name 'MessageDialog' is not defined
Newbies Posted by Allixx on Monday October 24, @02:36PM
from the Help-the-Host-Lady dept.
Hi all,
I merely break on my try to get Squishdot 1.5.0 working on this zope 2.8.1.
After I finally got solved my mailhost_list() problem I now get a new error message when trying to "Add" a Squishdot Site:

"global name 'MessageDialog' is not defined"

Can you help me with this as I am an absolute zope beginner?


Zope 2.8.0 and Squishdot 1.5
Squishdot Posted by Dirk on Tuesday July 05, @08:49PM
from the dept.
Adding Squishdot 1.5 to Zope 2.8 not working
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Sending Email notification after moderation
Squishdot Posted by Tom Payne on Tuesday May 03, @12:03PM
from the dept.
Does anyone have any ideas about how to get the email notification to be sent _after_ a message has been approved? Ideally this would be configurable so the site admin could decide whether notification was sent when the reply was posted or when the reply was approved. Any ideas?



Localizer and Squishdot
Squishdot Posted by Alison on Monday April 25, @09:48PM
from the dept.
Has anyone any ideas about how to deal with this problem...I have Localized Squishdot into french and spanish and everything was hunkydory with all the text translated using the message catalog. One of my users is now telling me that their french characters are not being displayed properly in the message text and title. After investigation it seems that if I call for a message catalog translation eg gettext('hello') on my page the character encoding for the text and title goes wrong. If the page is without reference to the message catalog then the title and text are displayed correctly... Any help much appreciated.

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