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Feature: Installation Instructions
Posted by KmdrAdobo on Friday July 16, 05:09AM, 1999
from the stuff-to-read dept.
If you can read this through your browser, then this means that you have already completed more than 90 percent of the installation tasks. Squishdot would have come up with a default configuration along with a set of topic subjects, images and articles. This article focuses on the minimum set of tasks to clean up the default configuration and prepare the site for initial use.

This article was originally written as part of the list of articles that come up when Squishdot is installed... If you're reading this through the website, then *_obviously_*, you still have 99% of the installation work to do (i.e. d/l Zope & Squishdot, installing them, etc...) -- Butch.

Step 1 : Set the options and properties, and clean up the default configuration

The first thing you need to do is to set the options in the Options tab of the management panel and set the moderation option, expiration days (if any), mail host, and maximum main page posts. Then you can also go to the Properties tab and set the site name, color scheme, etc. Next, you can go to the Postings and Subjects tabs and delete the postings and the subject topics. Now you have everything cleaned up and ready to go.

Step 2 : Set up the topic subjects

You may choose to use Squishdot without any subject categories. However, doing so imposes an additional burden to people posting articles because they need to discipline themselves when specifying a topic subject -- because when no topics have been specified, the topic subject becomes an enterable field, not a dropdown list -- so that it remains a usable criteria for searching. Building a specific set of topics makes things easier for the article posters, because they merely have to choose from a predefined set of topics.

Step 3 : Set up the topic images

You can also choose to use or not use topic images to associate with your subject topics. The default configuration will work without images, although some functionality will be taken away (namely, the anchor links associated with the line of topic images at the top of the main page, as well as the link associated with each article that leads to a search of all articles belonging to the subject topic).

Step 4 : Set user access and controls

Last, you need to give or restrict access (especially if you have the moderation options turned on) to those people moderating the article postings and/or comments by defining roles and assigning roles to particular users using the normal Zope access controls (i.e. user folders).

Note: Make sure you set up the security privileges for both the TinyTable and the Squishdot products to match your particular user access requirements. For example, for Anonymous users to access Squishdot (in fancy demo mode), you might need to set the "Query TinyTable data" and "Access contents information" security privileges for the Anonymous role either at the root (i.e. topmost) folder or the Squishdot folder. If you wish Anonymous users to post articles and replies, you also might need to set the "Add postings" privilege in security tab as well.

That's about it. If you wish to learn more about customizing Squishdot, you can read a bunch of articles devoted specifically to this topic. There are also other articles about the DTML/HTML used in Squishdot, as well as the classes, methods and variables that are available to manipulate it.

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    Re: Feature: Installation Instructions
    by gwen on Friday July 30, 11:48AM, 1999
    I love this demo so far... i have it installed on my openbsd box... and squishdot works beautifully when it is in a relative url... when I attempt to replace the "Welcome to Zope" index_html with the squishdot index_html no matter which method I use cut and paste or file upload... I wind with a zope error???
    HELP I want squishdot as my home page...how do i go about this...?? Also where is the anonymous coward mode of slashdot... does it exist... how do I activate it...??

    Thanx for a fantastic product...


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    Re: Feature: Installation Instructions
    by Gerard Rowe on Saturday July 31, 04:11AM, 1999
    I want to install Squishdot so that I can check
    it out and I would like to get a recommendation
    on which database server (if any) is best
    supported or used?


    -- Squishdot uses a Persistent Object Database that comes with Zope. I would urge you to learn more about Zope... its a prerequisite before installing and using Squishdot -- Butch
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    Installation Problems
    by Alan Aspuru-Guzik on Sunday August 01, 02:11AM, 1999
    Hello guys!
    This system is incredibly good. I am having problems installing it though.
    My configuration is the following:

    RedHat Alpha Linux 6.0 (w/updates)
    ZOPE version Zope-1.10.0pr1 (I am not using 2.0b because installing it would require compiling python 1.5.2 and got stuck in the process of doing that)
    I installed TinyTable B2

    When I want to add a squishdot site,I can do it but only with the "plain vanilla web pages". If I choose Fancy demo with slashdot or with blue heaven, I obtain the error message:

    "Sorry, an error occurred "

    Thanks a lot for the help!

    Could you also send me the entire error page (by viewing the source) -- it contains more information as to what exactly is going wrong as this includes the traceback message... you might need to clear your browser's disk and memory cache before you get the correct error message, though ... -- Butch (squishdot@yahoo.com)

    [ Reply to this ]
    Can't get
    by Lalo Martins on Friday September 24, 09:13AM, 1999
    I get an error when I try to create a "fancy" site too. I have Zope 2.0.0 (will download the update as soon as the Debian package is compiled for Sparc), TinyTable B2, and Squishdot 0-1-5b with a fixed Squishdot.py from the mailing list archives.

    The error page is attached. Obviously I have been changing our default error message to Portuguese already :-)

    Click to download attachment manage_addSquishdot.html
    2KB (2312 bytes)

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    Re: Feature: Installation Instructions
    by anon on Saturday February 26, 11:23AM, 2000
    This is ridiculous. Butch's comment says that I have to download and install squishdot first.

    I have downloaded it, but I haven't found any installation instructions in the tarball,and when I come back here to the site to see how to install it, and I find no useful information whatsoever.

    How do I install squishdot?

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    Re: Feature: Installation Instructions
    by h MacKiernan on Saturday October 21, 09:55PM, 2000
    I have downloaded and installed Zope from the source distribution.

    I have installed both SquishDot and TinyTable.

    When I go in to the Admin console of Zope (as super) and attempt to add squishdot site, I get an error stating "super cannot own"
    (I get this same error when I try to just add a tinytable, so I suspect this is the issue)

    However, the same sequence of steps works fine when running on an NT box (4.0) -- I'm able to add a squishdot site and see it fine.

    As this seems to straddle the line b/w squishdot and zope, I've had no luck finding info in either documentation

    I've added a new zope user, but cannot get in to admin console as that user.

    Any help, including "RTFM" (as long as you tell me which F'ing M to R) is appreciated

    h MacKiernan
    Flaming Aleph Productions
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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