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Accelerators and Squishdot
Squishdot Posted by runyaga on Wednesday August 29, 03:01PM, 2001
from the do-some-extra-work-optionally-to-boost-the-performance dept.

I just visited dot.kde.og which is probably the most active Squishdot site (?) and its pretty darn slow. But I was thinking: what about all of the cool accelerators that were added to Zope2.3.X? could they be used under the hood in Squishdot/Swishdot?

I was thinking about on installation of a Squishdot that optionally you could add a accelerator automagically that is preconfigured to cache the more expensive operations. Has anyone thought about doing this? I've used accelerators and they work fairly well.

NOTE: there should also be a criteria so you are not allowed to submit a blank search which will traverse the entire Squishdot site (this is a easy fix)


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