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Squishdot 1.3.0 Released!
Squishdot Posted by Chris Withers on Friday August 24, 12:36AM, 2001
from the hmmmmmm dept.

Squishdot 1.3.0 is now available from here.

The following major changes were made:

  • Squishdot is now compatiable with Zope 2.4.0 and above but still works with Zope 2.3.x.
  • Many, many bugs were fixed and a lot of refactoring was done.
  • A fairly complete PyUnit test suite has been written.

See here for full details.

This release requires Zope 2.3.2 or later!

If you run into problems, remember Squishdot has a mailing list at YahooGroups and a bug collector on SourceForge.

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    Re: Squishdot 1.3.0 Released!
    by Dave Cross on Wednesday August 29, 06:39AM, 2001

    Hmm, stumbled across this site. Somethings bothering me, hmm, what can it be - oh yeh, that's it - I think I've seen this look and feel somewhere before... Could it be /. perhaps... Nice originality guys...

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    Re: Squishdot 1.3.0 Released!
    by Brent Spiner on Wednesday August 29, 06:42AM, 2001

    Too right mate. The guys at slashcode must be pleased no-one is ripping them off!! Ha ha.

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    Re: Squishdot 1.3.0 Released!
    by Tom Carroll on Wednesday August 29, 10:58AM, 2001
    I'm running an earlier version of Squishdot; 0.7.3. Will the updater work with this, or should I update to something else first, or am I screwed?

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    by Peter on Thursday September 06, 04:13PM, 2001

    If I had more time I would try to find where to submit bugs, do it there, and attach a patch. But I don't have that time at the moment, but I remember from trying Squishdot last weekend that there is a serious error in one of the DTML templates in the plain vanilla installation.

    Just create a plain instance and click around. I think it was a missing &lt;/dtml-let&gt; or something.

    Sorry for the lazyness, but I'm helping at least.

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    A Question . . .
    by CJ Kucera on Thursday November 15, 09:14PM, 2001
    I'm guessing this was probably brought up on the mailing list, but as the archives aren't available to anyone who's not registered with Yahoo Groups, I've turned here instead. :)

    When searching inside Squishdot (either by clicking on a topic, or "more by the same author", etc), I get multiple instances of the same article. I'm guessing that this has something to do with the "Re-Catalog all Postings" button. I was hesitant to just try it out, because of the "this method can be resource-intensive" warning; the box I've got it running in isn't exactly great.

    So my question is this: Will periodically re-cataloging the postings get rid of the seemingly-duplicate records? If not, what will? And if so, what exactly is meant by "resource-intensive?"

    Thanks for your time, apologies if this is answered elsewhere.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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