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Problem with link references, help needed.
Squishdot Posted by Chris Abraham on Wednesday August 22, 05:44PM, 2001
from the Fallen and Can't Get Up Dept. dept.
I have installed the plain vanilla version of Squish -- Squishdot-1-2-1 -- and I just made Forum and it is in zdev.com/Forum/ but the links want to go to zdev.com/.

Aside from hard-wiring the changes, what am to do to let the site know it needs to be referencing itself to zdev.com/Forum instead of to zdev.com/? Thanks in advance.

PS: I am inhereting the headers and footers from the root directory, if that might be the problem.

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    Re: Problem with link references, help needed.
    by Amr Malik on Sunday August 26, 06:21PM, 2001

    Chris, I think your site_url var is mangled somehow, because that is what the "squishdot" instance index_html pre-pends to "addPostingForm". It could be the magic you are doing with your root hdr/ftr being "acquired" into the squishsite.

    looking at index_html in a squishsite instance shows how its being pre-pended to the required method (eg; addPostingForm). Inside squishsite.py, the site_url() is a method which just returns self.absoluteurl(). In your case, if you haven't modified "Forum"'s index_html too much, its somehow giving the absoluteurl() of the root site as opposed to the squishinstance hence the construction of the link as such.

    What I would do is, change the look and feel of your squishdot site (Forum) (by changing the site_header/site_footer methods) to be the same as the rest of the site. Then change the leftbox items to add links that point to stuff outside of the squish instance (forum), on those pages you can put a return link to "Forum".



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    • Re: Problem with link references, help needed.
      by Chris Abraham on Thursday September 06, 05:28AM, 2001

      thanks! It works now:

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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