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Inline search for all articles and comments
Newbies Posted by Johan Vervloet on Tuesday August 21, 08:48AM, 2001
from the dept.
After some experimenting, I found out how to list all articles and comments containing a certain word (e.g. `site') in their titles...

< dtml-call "REQUEST.set('title','site')" >

< dtml-in squishdotsite size=5 start=query_start sort=bobobase_modification_time reverse >
<!-- do something with it -->
< /dtml-in >

Is there a way to show ALL articles and comments (dropping the constraint of a given word in the title) ?

If I just drop the first line, I don't get any results anymore.

I'm using zope 2.1.6 and squishdot 0.3.2

Thank you for responding !

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