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Adding images and articles to Squishdot articles
Squishdot Posted by Morten W. Petersen on Tuesday July 31, 10:33AM, 2001
from the fancy-newspaper dept.

I'm sure other people have thought about this, but how about being able to add images and paragraphs to articles?

The thing could be implemented like so:


So that paragraphs could be added, and optionally images added to the paragraphs, with some simple alignment options like 'left of paragraph text', 'right of paragraph text', above, etc.


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    Re: Adding images and articles to Squishdot articl
    by Darrick Wong on Friday August 10, 06:26PM, 2001
    On thibs, users are allowed space for a personal website. Thus, people who wish to include images in articles simply include an <a href> to the URL of the image. (For that matter, anybody can create <a href>'s to any URL).

    As for paragraphs, they can use <div style="BodyText"> or something like that...BodyText is defined in the site's CSS file and provides indentation and such.
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    Re: Adding images and articles to Squishdot articles
    by Strother Scott on Friday August 24, 08:09PM, 2001
    We have a great time putting images in articles posted on our yacht club web site -http://www.fbyc.net/

    Check out some of the earlier articles. The only problem is you have to add the image to the site before you post the article so you have somewhere to refer to. The article with the three pictures is html code as follows:

    <img src="Images/Boats/89optis2" > <BR CLEAR=LEFT> <img src="Images/People/betsycarwile" align= "left"> <img src="Images/People/lucykupp" align= "right">

    The FBYC Junior Racing team attended the <A HREF="http://www.tayc.com/juniorolympics/index.htm"> U. S. Junior Olympic Festival and Bay Open Championships </A> this past weekend at Tred Avon where there were 89 optis on the starting line. Betsy Carwile - left - received her medal for 6th place in the Green Fleet (45 boats), and Lucy Kupersmith - right crewed on the 2nd place 420. Congratulations to them both, and thanks to our hard working coaches for putting the program together - and to the Hamiltons for housing the team!

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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