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Feature question
Newbies Posted by Larry Chuon on Wednesday June 06, 09:29PM, 2001
from the dept.

I just install Squishdot v1.2.1 on Zope. I have three questions...

  1. What happen when the maximum posts on main page exceed the number set in your option? How does one view the rest of the posts? It doesn't say "click here for the 50."
  2. One of the messages got posted without admin's approval at level 4 or 5. When I go to admin, there is a red star next to the message. Also, the review box has not been checked either. If this a bug, how can I fix it?
  3. I tried to attach an image to the subject. It did show up. I pointed the URL to the correct place.

Other than that, the product works great. Thank in advance.

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    Re: Feature questions
    by Chris Withers on Thursday June 07, 06:34PM, 2001
    1. Add a link at the bottom then ;-)
    2. This is because posting_html is a bit dumb. Patches accepted.
    3. If it showed up, what's the problem?

    Glad you like it, it has it's problems though, and I'm currently working on a replacement, called Swishdot, so bugfixes may happen more slowly...



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    • Re: Feature questions
      by Greg on Saturday June 09, 11:10PM, 2001
      I presume in item 3 the poster means "it did not show up". I have experienced the same problems: the subject addition page doesn't seem to accept URL, only imported files, if I recall correctly.

      I have also noticed that on the subject maintenance page, the bottom table for adding additional subjects is sometimes not presented properly. I am not sure if this happens when I skip adding image due to the URL problem.

      I have eyeballed the DTML source and it looks fine, but the HTML sent to the browser has strange artifacts. i.e. the bottom form where for enter the new subject has

         !--M ACTION="./add_subject" METHOD="POS--
      instead of
         FORM ACTION="./add_subject" METHOD="POST"
      and likewise for the input button.

      This occurs for my zope/squishdot powered experimental site at


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      • Subject problems
        by Chris Withers on Monday June 11, 10:32AM, 2001

        Ah, sorry, misread the original message.

        The subject page does have issues right now. I think there's a bug for this on SourceForge, but if not, please add one.



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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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