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email discussion capabilities?
How-To Posted by Duane on Thursday May 17, 11:17AM, 2001
from the dept.
I am exploring using Squishdot for a non-techie community and was wondering if Squishdot enables people to send/receive via email?

In my quick exploration, I did not notice it - but thought I'd ask.

I'm sure it can be done - just exploring if it has since this is a key requirement.

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    Yup :-)
    by Chris Withers on Friday May 18, 04:21PM, 2001

    We'll you can do this now using the ZMailIn product and a Python Script to hook into the addPosting method of Squishdot sites, articles and postings.That covers email in.

    You can also make mail out work better by turning on the notify admin email options and doing something funky in the mail_html method.

    That said, this particular area is something I want to focus on a lot in Swishdot, so stay tuned.



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    • Re: Yup :-)
      by Duane on Tuesday May 22, 11:57AM, 2001

      Hi Chris,


      Any estimate of when Swishdot/CMF with these email capabilities will be available ?



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      • :-S
        by Chris Withers on Tuesday May 22, 02:45PM, 2001

        I've given up estimating anything.

        Doing so is always asking for trouble ;-)



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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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