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Squishdot Reliability Question
Squishdot Posted by Julius on Thursday May 10, 09:38PM, 2001
from the Covering my hind parts dept.
I've been asked to propose a discussion service at the company I work for. We have a few thousand users, but I don't expect too huge an amount of trafic on any particular discussion. (We would set up a number of discussions for different special interest groups.)

Would I be asking for trouble suggesting Squishdot? The disclaimer in the preloaded postings says the software should be considered as alpha, so don't depend on it for anything crucial.

What are people's opinions/experiences on this? Should I just go and buy something else?

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    by Chris Withers on Thursday May 10, 10:54PM, 2001
    The pre-loaded content is a little out of date ;-)
    I think I updated it for the 1.1 release.

    Anyway, I'd thoroughly recommend Squishdot 1.1.1 on Zope 2.3.2 to solve your problem, and you don't have to buy it 'cos it's free.

    If things don't work out, let me know and I'll see if i can fix whatever problems you run into...


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    • Re: :-)
      by Julius on Friday May 11, 04:00AM, 2001
      Ah, you're right. I just downloaded the new version and the disclaimer is much more encouraging.

      Can I find some uptime/reliability experiences anywhere?

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      • Re: :-)
        by Chris Withers on Friday May 11, 10:06AM, 2001
        Well, look at the 'Sites' link on the front page.

        You'll see both KDE and Gnome's news sites use Squishdot. Greenpeace do as well.

        I guess ask them about reliability...


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        • Re: :-)
          by Julius on Saturday May 12, 12:08PM, 2001
          Thanks for pointing these out.

          I'll drop their admins a line.
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    • More Scalability Questions
      by Chris Withers (for Julius ;-) on Friday May 11, 10:07AM, 2001
      How about running multiple discussions inside a single Zope installation?

      Are there any scalability issues with Zope or the hardware/memory required? At what point (if any) would multiple Zopes become sensible?

      For an evaluation write-up I've been asked for, I'm assuming that we may have to eventually support 50 or more separate discussions, with a relatively low average posting rate, but some peaks.

      If this is an issue, and we need to keep the number of Squishdot folders down, can subjects have sub-subjects?

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      • Answers...
        by Chris Withers on Friday May 11, 10:10AM, 2001

        Running multiple discussions in a single Zope instance is fine.

        There loads of info on Zope's scalability on Zope.org. There's also a very good mailing list at zope@zope.org.

        1. discussions in one Zope instance should be no problem :-)



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        • Re: Answers...
          by Julius on Friday May 11, 07:56PM, 2001

          Sounds good.

          I'll get on over to Zope.org. :-)

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