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New artical refrence table
Newbies Posted by Matty on Tuesday May 08, 03:45PM, 2001
from the dept.
Has anyone written anything like this in refrence to new articals.....

I would like to create a simple table consisting of two columns. On the left are the subject names and the right a '*' if there are any new postings for that topic.

Natually a cookie would have to be placed on the user side, but what should it contain? And what approach should I use to test?

Unfortinatly I have no experance with Python but my DTML isn't that bad. I know...get of my lazy ass and learn python.. Dose anyone have any idea how else I could accomplish this?

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    Re: New artical refrence table
    by Pieter Biemond on Monday May 14, 09:41PM, 2001

    Have a look at Squishdot Tree of Postings Howto Posted for the code on showing Squish-articles.

    You can find more information on cookies and Zope at How-To: Use Cookies with Zope (from zope.org) or have a look at the Squishdot posting form which also uses cookies to store username/e-mail.

    It shouldn't be so hard to combine the two. I also have this on my wishlist, but I think it will be june before I made this functionality. Let me know if you have problems.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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