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International Date-Time Format
Newbies Posted by Bjoern on Monday April 02, 12:34PM, 2001
from the from the Newbies-are-having-a-tough-time dept. dept.
Hallo out there,

sorry I am bothering You with this; Im new to Zope and Python, and the inner workings are not so familiar to me.

My Problem:
After successfully installing Squisdot on my Zope-Site, I tried to translate all text to german.
The problem now is the date format, as it appears for instance in <dtml-var date_posted>.

I tried to change this in /lib/python/Products/Squishdot/Posting.py
where I found a format string '%A %B %d, @I:M%p'

(format needed is DD.MM.YY, hh:mm)

However changing this format string caused no results, so I think there are additional steps to take. Unfortunately, I found nothing in the docs.

Perhaps you can give me a hint where to look for enlightenment...

Best regards,


As far as I got, I love Squisdot, seems to be a very fine product!

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    Re: International Date-Time Format
    by Darrick Wong on Tuesday April 10, 06:22PM, 2001
    <a href="http://squishdot.org/983805125/index_html">http://squishdot.org/983805125/index_html</a>
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    Re: International Date-Time Format
    by Frank on Wednesday April 11, 09:28AM, 2001
    Use <dtml-var "date_posted('%d/%m/%Y')"> that should do it.
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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