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Squishdot Posted by AUCm on Wednesday March 28, 06:47AM, 2001
from the dept.
I'd like to say that it is desirable to include post moderation in your product( It is good in big forums).

I hope to see this in your later versions.

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    by Chris Withers on Wednesday March 28, 10:26PM, 2001
    What's wrong with the moderation in the current version?

    check out the moderation tab in the management interface ;-)


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    • Re: Moderation?!
      by Darrick Wong on Thursday March 29, 01:54AM, 2001
      Uhh...why do people keep asking for features that already exist? Guess they aren't reading the manuals.

      I think that Chris should have demonstrated Squishdot's moderation abilities and modded this one out. <duck> <smirk>
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    • Re: Moderation?!
      by AUCm on Thursday March 29, 06:37AM, 2001
      I've told about "P O S T" -moderation. The are 2 types of moderatoin pre-moderation and post-moderation( and none as a third ;-) ). It meens than if moderator comes he see unmoderated messages and he desides wich to delete and wich to post. But in a first case( pre-moderation) it is not seen jet to all users( it is done in this product and works greate), in the second case the message is seen to all people before moderator didn't delete it. It can be done by turning off moderation and then deleting wrong messages in postings tap, but if there are many postings...

      I hope that now i said beter than last time.

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      • Re: Moderation?!
        by Darrick Wong on Thursday March 29, 08:49AM, 2001


        <-- sticks foot in mouth.

        mmf jerrf mworph mwah.

        Yes, now I have a better idea of what you are asking about. Technically, one could just open up the "Postings" tab and delete anything irrelevant, although this request seems to ... synergize... with another request--a page that lists everything that has been posted since a particular date (or, more generally, a list of postings made between two dates).

        In fact, if one built such an index, then one could make two HTML pages &mdash one would be for users and have no delete functionality and the other would be for moderators and would have delete functionality.

        Might be an interesting idea for Swishdot...make a totally flat index of ALL postings and comments, sorted (sordid?) by date.

        Well, another idea might include separating the Swishdot logic from the low level database drivers so that one could use ZODB or PostgreSQL or ZQL or MySQL (or a filesystem tree of XML files!), thus allowing people to write plugins to run Swishdot atop any kind of database. Then we could eliminate all the how-do-i-use-mysql-with-squish questions that (seem to) annoy Chris so much.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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