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Statistics on comments and articles
Squishdot Posted by Peter Bengtsson on Tuesday March 27, 04:46PM, 2001
from the love-stats dept.
Can you give me some hints on how to create statistics on the articles and the comments.

I basically want to list "Who's posted the most articles" or "Who posted that most comments" on our intranet Squishdot site.

In the end I want an order barchart of this statistics so that we can celebrate the most active poster.

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    Re: Statistics on comments and articles
    by Chris Withers on Wednesday March 28, 10:24PM, 2001
    I tend to use webstats packages to do this ;-)

    Andy McKay at ZopeZen.org has other ideas...


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    Simple but working solution
    by Peter Bengtsson on Friday April 06, 10:13AM, 2001

    I reply to myself.

    I wrote a little python script that gets the numbers into a csv file. It isn't specific to my environment, so anybody can use it, but I wrote it very quickly so it isn't very generic.

    I have a Xron job that triggers an External Method that creates the CSV* file.

    comma delimited file

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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