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What about adding a TOPICS page for Squishdot?
Squishdot Posted by Manoj E.G. on Tuesday March 27, 07:29AM, 2001
from the The-squish-slash-mutation-engineers dept.
Can Squishdot have a built-in TOPICS page like slashdot? This would allow users to search for articles of any topic.

I am using Squishdot as a discussion forum in our comapny intranet. The discussions are not as voluminuos as say, the postings at slashdot but they don't expire for a long time. Searching for older articles is a problem since the "Older articles" box restricts the list of articles to a couple of days. If there were a built in "Topics" page, article searching would become easier.

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    by Chris Withers on Wednesday March 28, 10:19PM, 2001
    Not really sure what you're after.

    The search page already lets you narrow your search to a particular topic. Didn't follow the bit about the 'Older articles' box at all :-S
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    • Re: ?
      by Darrick Wong on Thursday March 29, 08:56AM, 2001
      /methinks he's after something resembling the "Sections" feature of slashdot (apache, askslashdot, yro, etc). One could, presumably, use a modified version of this tip to create a DTML page that would return all articles within a topic.
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    Re: What about adding a TOPICS page for Squishdot?
    by Kai-Oli Tiffany on Thursday March 29, 03:41PM, 2001
    We just added a Rightbox Method with the following content:

    <dtml-in subjects_list>
    <a href=<dtml-var site_url>/search?subject=<dtml-var sequence-item url_quote>&op=articles><dtml-var sequence-item></a>
    </dtml-in subjects_list>

    to get a clickable list of all topics
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    • Yeah. This one more advanced
      by Peter Bengtsson on Friday April 06, 10:31AM, 2001
      <table border=1 cellpadding=5> <tr>

      <dtml-in subjects_list>
      <td width=130 align=center>
      <a href="search?subject=<dtml-var sequence-item url_quote>">
      <dtml-if "subject_image(_['sequence-item'])">
      <IMG SRC="<dtml-var "subject_image(_['sequence-item'])" url_quote>">
      <i>No Image</i>
      <b><dtml-var sequence-item></b>
      <dtml-let index=sequence-number cols="5">
      <dtml-if "index % cols == 0">

      </tr> </table>
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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