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"Features" Implementation
Squishdot Posted by chris on Tuesday March 20, 11:19PM, 2001
from the scratching my head dept.
How to input feature articles that are not posted to the site via the normal "post article" method.

Apologies in advance, as new pilot at this end. I have a need (desire?) to include a number of descriptive Feature Articles in my squish site. To save the reader time and bandwidth I dont want to post them on the main board rather have them hyperlinked in the rightbox, "Feature Articles" I can create the links and description to any file in Zope (right box methods etc) but that will not necessarily pipe it through the Squishdot interface for the reader. Comments or methods by the more experienced would be appreciated.

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    Re: "Features" Implementation
    by Jeff Fincher on Thursday March 22, 06:00PM, 2001
    What I have done is to go ahead and post these Feature articles the same way as all other articles get posted. Depending on the traffic on your site, these "special" postings will scroll off into previous articles before long.

    Then you just add the Rightbox section item with a link that references the search url link for your article.

    This gives your site visitors a quick entry to the special article and maintains all the functionality they are used to seeing with regular articles. It also adds the feature article in as a searchable article with the rest of your site.

    Maybe this won't work in your case, I just wanted to let you know that it "can" work.

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    • an idea...
      by Darrick Wong on Thursday March 22, 08:40PM, 2001

      Not sure if this would work...but you could prepend "Feature:" to all feature articles and then use the code outlined in this tip in the rightbox to return a list of feature articles.

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      • Re: an idea...
        by chris on Friday March 23, 08:27AM, 2001

        Thanks for all the suggestions, will follow-up and test it out. My site is low traffic (8 of us) and is used as a front end to a makeshift document management system, hence I need to load about 10-15 docs as references for the work that we are undertaking. The "feature" system appear to be the best method if I can get it to work.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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