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HTML Problems
Newbies Posted by Roland Grittmann on Monday March 05, 03:04PM, 2001
from the dept.
While customizing a Squishdot site I encountered a strange phenomenon.
(This guy needs help with his HTML, more than likely ;-)

I was customizing a Sqishdot site to fit into the look of an existing website. It was quite easy to get it running in IE 5.0 . But when ajusting to Netscape 4.75 i ran into some problems with Standard fonts and the style sheet i used. So i decided to set the font by hand everywhere in the board. After that all the Main page of the Squishdot site behaves very stangely when viewed with Netscape. The posting at the top is displayed correctly. In all the other postings all the text is underlined. In IE it still works. And even more strange: If i save the main page to a local file this file is displayed correctly by Netscape, too. Does anybody has an idea, what i can do about this. Thank you in advance. Roland

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    Re: HTML Problems
    by Darrick Wong on Tuesday March 06, 08:18PM, 2001
    Sounds like a CSS/<font> collision to me. You'd probably be better off customizing the entire site to be fully HTML4/CSS2 compliant and forget Netscape 4. Believe me, it's a lot easier to maintain a CSS site than to chase <font> tags around.

    Although if you ask me, the HTML portions of Squishdot/Swishdot probably ought to be (re)coded to use <div> and such--tables render too slowly on NS4 and seriously, tables are for tabular data, not positioning things.

    Having said that, I put my foot in my mouth and invite you to take a look at all the tables on http://thibs.menloschool.org/news/. <smirk>

    Better yet, go poke at my prototype site here.
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    Re: HTML Problems
    by Roland Grittmann on Thursday March 08, 01:46AM, 2001

    i donīt need help with HTML i need help with checking things, before asking stupid questions.
    The problem was that the guy who told me that the local copies of the page did work did not tell me that he has opened these local copies with Dreamweaver and checked it from there. It was a simple HTML problem (One ">" was missing. And Dreamweaver corrected this.).
    Im really sorry i bothered you with such a stupid question.
    Squishdot did everything right !!!
    The only problem was that i am stupid ;( .

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    Re: HTML Problems
    by Bernd on Friday March 09, 12:45PM, 2001
    Thatīs right Roland. First, you have to check everything before you write stupid things on the board. The people here have other problems and you, you take them the possibility to dedicate themself to important things.
    So Roland, next time. Stay next to your working student and help him to find the little mistakes.
    Your buddy and working student, Bernd
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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