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New Squish Site: Locombia.org
Websites Posted by george on Wednesday January 10, 11:47AM, 2001
from the dept.
Come on over and check it out if you like. I made a lot of changes to the html interface and to the default display.

I also added a very simple login system -- the user source is folders.

If anybody want to use any of the code I am using please let me know.

And if anybody has suggestions as to how I can improve, I would be very grateful. Thanks!


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    Re: New Squish Site: Locombia.org
    by Jay Collins on Thursday January 11, 02:48AM, 2001

    I'd be interested in seeing how you did your login system. This is one of the features I was thinking about adding to my site.
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    Re: New Squish Site: Locombia.org
    by george on Thursday January 11, 05:54AM, 2001
    For Making a new member I have two methods. The first one is just an HTML form that gets the email address, username and password.

    The second one does the following

    checks to see if the member name selected already exists about the ids of folders in the folder where i keep all the member folders

    if so it spits back an error message together with the signup form

    if not, then it adds a folder to the member folder and adds a bunch of properties to the folder

    then it sets the membername as a cookie

    then it sends a welcome email and displays the success message to the user

    logout method

    if somebody wants to logout, this method just expires the membername cookie

    login method

    this method takes info from the login form that sits on all the pages of the site. it first checks to see if the membername entered exists, just like in the first method of the signup process

    then it checks to see if the passwords match

    if yes then it sets the membername cookie again and displays the success message

    if the membername doesnt exist, the passwords dont match or if the user is already logged in, then an error message is displayed (not the Zope one, just some text i wrote)

    then i set all the addPostingForms etc so that if the user doesnt have the membername cookie, they get a message asking them to login and if they do have it their name is displayed instead of the author and email text boxes.


    for the member profiles, the folders that are the member sources have no index pages, so they aquire the index html method from the folder above which just displays a couple properties from the folder which were set when the member was created.

    I got all the info i needed to do this from the zope list and the zope howtos etc. it took awhile for me to figure out what is a really simple tho insecure solution.

    If there are specific questions please fee free
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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