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Websites Posted by Matthew Porter on Wednesday January 03, 10:34PM, 2001
from the sad-to-see-you-go dept.

Bruce Perens' TECHNOCRAT.NET, a fine Squishdot site and one which helped convince me to choose Squish for my own site, is shutting down.

Bruce recommended that TECHNOCRAT readers try Kuro5hin, which runs on Scoop.

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    ( Reply )

    by Chris Withers on Thursday January 04, 10:33AM, 2001
    Ah well, it was a good site and I hope his reasons have nothing to do with the software he was using ;-)

    I wish him the best of luck with any future projects.


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    • Re: :-(
      by Bill Jackson on Sunday January 14, 08:23PM, 2001
      I would be interested to know the reasons. It was a good site, with a great deal of material I found relevant.

      I will miss it, as an info source, and an exemplar of what can be done with Squishdot.

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      • Re: :-(
        by Julius on Thursday May 10, 09:53PM, 2001

        Looking at a cached page from Google, the site closed due to lack of readers/posters rather than any technical issues.

        I'm glad to say that Bruce directed people to Kuro5hin as it had content of interest to them, not because of the software it runs on.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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