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Error with index code for a subject's articles
Squishdot Posted by Kamon Ayeva on Wednesday December 27, 01:55AM, 2000
from the dept.
I know this was already discussed in the past, but I get an error when trying the solution.
I get the attribute error "Error Value: 'string' object has no attribute '_index' " with the link to the subject index (http://.../index_html?subject=a_subject)
But the query with http://.../search?subject=a_subject works.
What might be my problem ?

Extract of my index_html code is:

dtml-if "REQUEST.has_key('subject')"
dtml-call "REQUEST.set('meta_type','Article')"
dtml-call "REQUEST.set('resultSet',this()(REQUEST=REQUEST,internal=1))"
dtml-call "REQUEST.set('resultSet',item_list())"
dtml-in resultSet
<a href="../news/index_html?subject=&dtml-subject;">[]</a>
dtml-var title

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    Second Attempt ;-)
    by Chris Withers on Friday December 29, 01:59PM, 2000
    Okay, so this isn't a bug report, sorry for the other mail...

    I don't know what's going on here, to be fair.
    http://www.squishdot.org/index_html?subject=Squishdot works as expected.

    Perhaps you could post a url or a full traceback?

    What version of Zope/Squishdot are you using?


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    • Re: Second Attempt ;-)
      by Darrick Wong on Saturday December 30, 03:52AM, 2000
      Hmmm...a few thoughts:

      1) I like the idea of being able to see a list of articles for a particular subject.

      2) Can you post the full traceback of that error? (The full traceback information is a comment in the HTML source of the error page.)

      2.5) For that matter, how about the source of the entire page? (or at least the changes you've made to the default index_html page)

      3) I also wonder why you want this page to link to itself through the bullet items (the "[]" things)...wouldn't a link to the article itself be a bit more useful?

      Other than that, your code snippet works fine for me, and without more information I'm afraid I can't be of much help.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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