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Localization in Squishdot 0.8?
Squishdot Posted by Pieter Biemond on Monday December 25, 09:56AM, 2000
from the get-this-product-out-of-the-alpha-stage dept.
I'm thinking of using Squishdot for setting up a Dutch intranet-forum. Therefore I would like to translate parts of Squishdot to the Dutch language. It would probably be a good idea to start separating language/layout from Squishdot logic, in order to make it easy for others to setup Squishdot for other languages. How about localization in Squishdot?

I would like to start contributing to Squishdot, and a lot of others should do so too, because I think it's a product with potential. Unfortuately it's really alpha-software at this moment. This would be my first Zope/Python project, so any help would be appreciated.

  • Are there any recent roadmaps for Squishdot development?
  • Should I start with the 0.7.2 sources, or should I use CVS?
  • The developpersmailinglist is not really crowded. Is development discussed on the Squishdot.org-site?

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    Re: Localization in Squishdot 0.8?
    by Chris on Tuesday December 26, 10:37AM, 2000
    I think a few people would disagree with your comments about the 'alphaness' of Squishdot ;-)

    I agree with your comments, but localisation is probably somehing that I'll start thinking about for Swishdot (not Squishdot ;-) 2.0, by which time, hopefully, Zope will have better native support for it.

    In the meantime, search on Zope.org for zzLocale and checkout the Development link ot hte left (soon so be corrected ;-)


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    • Re: Localization in Squishdot 0.8?
      by Darrick Wong on Tuesday December 26, 08:38PM, 2000
      <-- Would suggest grepping for the word "alpha" in http://squishdot.org/Documentation.

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      • Re: Localization in Squishdot 0.8?
        by Chris Withers on Friday December 29, 03:39PM, 2000
        That's being 'fixed' right now ;-)



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    • Roadmaps to Squishdot 1.0 and Swishdot
      by Pieter Biemond on Friday December 29, 05:43PM, 2000

      Because I only used Zope to check on the Squishdot-sources I didn't read the lib\python\Products\Squishdot\doc\Roadmap.txt

      From doc\Roadmap.txt:
      "After this point (0.7-release), only bugfixes will be made to Squishdot and development work will switch to SquishdotPTK (which looks likely to be called Swishdot)."

      Might be a good idea to add a Roadmap-link on the Squishdot.org left side and tell a bit more about the Squishdot 1.0/Swishdot schedule. Please also include a link to all the new (possible) features of Swishdot, as discussed in "Swishdot: have your say", http://squishdot.org/968089230/index_html

      I also read your presentation "Content Management with Zope, the PTK and Swishdot" on
      Very interesting! Can't wait for Swishdot ;-)

      Thanks for updating http://www.squishdot.org/Documentation about the "alphaness" of Squishdot.

      I'll start on looking at zzLocale and the Squishdot 0.7.2 sources in 2001.

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      • Re: Roadmaps to Squishdot 1.0 and Swishdot
        by Chris Withers on Saturday December 30, 01:53PM, 2000
        Most of the "Squishdot-sources" are on the file system, as with Zope itself ;-)

        I've just updated the roadmap in the CVS. I don't think a Roadmap link on here would help. If you're interested in S(qu|w)ishdot development, just follow the "Development" link to SourceForge.

        Hmmm, how did you find the CMS talk at Bristol? I didn't even know it was up there ;-)



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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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