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Per-Topic Moderation
Squishdot Posted by Sparky the Electric Weasel on Wednesday December 13, 12:35AM, 2000
from the we-only-censor-some-topics dept.
Does squish support moderation on a per-topic basis? By that, I mean where some topics are not moderated, but others are?

Here at work, we have recently deployed a Squish based discussion site. Squish rocks, BTW.

There has been interest recently in adding a "rants" topic to the list, where people could unload with whatever is bothering them.

Management would like such a discussion moderated. On the other hand, I don't want to moderate all postings to the site. We also don't want to create a different, moderated site just for this.

Does anyone have any cool ideas on how to do this? I am very new to Squid & Zope, so it would not surprise me if this is something that everyone (but me) already knows. If such is the case, my apologies for wasting your time.

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