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Moderation: Collaboration Models
Squishdot Posted by Jonathan Byron on Tuesday December 05, 05:54PM, 2000
from the semi-intellingent newbies dept.
I know that Squishdot can handle moderation by groups - are there any existing modules that will do this?

I am looking for something where a group of moderators can be established, and submitted articles are posted only when a given number or percent of moderators approve. In that sense, it would be like Scoop (Kuro5hin, ShouldExist, etc). Ideally, the moderators would log on to a web page that looked like other pages on the site, not the Zope management system.

I have already decided on Squishdot/Zope, and have gotten it installed and am starting to customize. The cross-platform nature of Squish/Zope was a plus in my decision, as were the object-oriented approach and use of python (just starting to learn it).

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    Re: Moderation: Collaboration Models
    by Michael Bernstein on Thursday December 07, 03:06PM, 2000
    Do you mean a percentage of all moderators, or a percentage of moderators who voted on a particular article? If the latter, do you want to require a minimum number of participating voters?
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    • Re: Moderation: Collaboration Models
      by Jonathan Byron on Thursday December 07, 08:54PM, 2000
      In my case, I think the latter would be better - with a shifting number of moderators who visit the site occasionally to frequently, maybe a vote of 10% of moderators, of which half would have to vote to approve the post. This might require a feature to identify active moderators - if somebody signed up and then stopped participating, they should not be counted as active for the purposes of a quorum or majority.

      On the other hand, if implementing a moderation system for a committee or workgroup, it might require an absolute number to get approved.


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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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