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Attachments, Don't?
Squishdot Posted by Tegwyn Perkins on Tuesday November 07, 04:31PM, 2000
from the My Lead Summary would have been the Dept. had there been enough space dept.
When it says "File Attachment (Optional)" I did't realise it was refering to whether it optionally attaches the document it not. I've tried a few times to attach a file to a posting on my internal Squishdot site but I never seem to find it. Before I submit a bug report I'd like to know if it's stupid-user error or not? Any similar experiences? I'm running Zope 2.2.2 and Squishdot 0.7.2. Thanks for any assistance ... Tegwyn

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    Re: Attachments, Don't?
    by Darrick Wong on Wednesday November 08, 09:41PM, 2000
    Do you use the Preview button? That might be why attachments don't show up--attachments disappear if you press Preview. Easy solution: use preview all you want; when done, attach the file and click Add.

    The reason why Squishdot is this way (at least according to /me) is because browsers generally do not allow default values for file attachment fields; this is to prevent web authors from uploading random files from the filesystem. Alas, it also means that one cannot save the filename between server hits. One could presumably upload the entire file and redownload it, but that would be horridly expensive.

    Thus one must only specify attachments when one intends to click Add.
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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