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Avoiding long lists of postings in manage
Squishdot Posted by Jordi M. on Sunday October 15, 03:28AM, 2000
from the massive-downloads dept.
Our Squishdot site is quite old now, nearly a year. During that time, users have generated more than 3800 posts, and this is becoming a problem. The list of posts in manage is huge (> 500Kb), and our Squishdot managers are connected to the internet using 33.6Kb/s modems, so downloading big things is a pain. I understand that using the expiration feature will delete old postings, but we don't want that, we just don't want to see old posts in the manage list. Is this possible? If not, how should we address this issue? Thanks.

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    Over 10 comments listed. Printing out index only.
    Need more info...
    by Chris Withers on Monday October 16, 10:46AM, 2000
    Are you using the 'Postings' tab for moderation?

    What version of Squishdot are you using?


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    On a related note...
    by Ian on Wednesday October 18, 05:08AM, 2000
    Is it possible for normal users to get a list of older articles? I know there is a right-box that lists some of the older articles, but it would be nice if you could see the entire history without having to search for an individual article.
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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