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Google Spidering addPostingForm
Squishdot Posted by Bruce Perens on Wednesday September 06, 04:11PM, 2000
from the dept.
Google has been web-spidering technocrat.net . Because there are over 7000 postings, that's a lot of access - it's getting close to one every second. One thing I notice is that it spiders the addPostingForm on every article, effectively doubling the number of accesses. Unfortunately, the robot exclusion standard isn't fine-grained enough to be able to say don't spider anything with this name. Thus, I propose to rename addPostingForm to addPostingForm.cgi as a hack to tell robots not to access it. Another thing I could do is add a default argument to all invocations of addPostingForm. That might put off the spiders, and I could switch on the presence or absence of that argument to have addPostingForm bail out without any processing when it's invoked without it.



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    Difficult :-S
    by Chris Withers on Friday September 08, 03:32PM, 2000
    (Guessing) Can you not put something like the following in robots.txt:

    Disallow: */addPostingForm

    I can't see any problems with renaming addPostingForm as I think all the references to it are in DTML, it's not something I'd do in the Squishdot distribution though...

    The default argument thing might be easier to do, since it'll just get parsed by Zope and not used.

    This is a tricky issue though :-S
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    Re: Google Spidering addPostingForm
    by Darrick Wong on Friday September 08, 10:57PM, 2000
    You could also do this to keep Googlebot out:

    <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">

    Details available at http://info.webcrawler.com/mak/projects/robots/meta-user.html. Keep in mind that not all robots support this tag, although I think Googlebot does.

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    Re: Google Spidering addPostingForm
    by Erich on Saturday September 16, 07:42PM, 2000
    appending a ? to the url might also work
    isn't spidered by most robots, i think.
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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