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Can I reuse SquishDot articles?
Squishdot Posted by Neil Burnett on Monday September 04, 08:45PM, 2000
from the research-before-you-buy dept.
I think I am ready to try SquishDot now. Before installing Zope 2.2.1 and the latest SquishDot and TinyTable and ... are the articles available in a form I can use to output to other formats?

Why? We have half a dozen paper newsletters, all done by different people, which all need to be on the web. I want a data entry system which can give people instant information, but then I need to repurpose the data into newly designed print publications as well as glossier periodical version of the newsletters on the web. XML output would be perfect. Neil European Foundation Centre http://www.efc.be/

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    by Chris on Tuesday September 05, 07:15PM, 2000
    Squishdot already supports this kind of re-purposing via RDF/RSS(?) syndication.

    I don't know if this gives the output you require. If not, try copying posting_html into, say, posting_xml and fiddling about with it until it generates the output you're looking for.

    Brendon of 70 South might be a good person to speak to as he's already done a similar thing in presenting Squishdot articles via WAP.

    Good luck,

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    • Re: Yes...
      by Neil Burnett on Saturday September 09, 09:34PM, 2000

      Thanks. I will install and do a feasibility. I think my main problem is going to be increasing the number of attributes and methods on the article object. RSS only handles 3 or 4 if I remember, but I don't know much about RDF.

      What I was hoping for was a reply saying the articles are objects which I can sub class to add my own attributes and methods and caste (or whatever the Python equivalent is) them as Squishdot objects for Squishdot, and use them as is for my code (or ZClasses).

      Have I just shown my ignorance, or is this making sense?

      Thanks again - Neil

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      • Re: Yes...
        by Chris Withers on Tuesday October 31, 03:48PM, 2000
        I think this is wondering into Swishdot territory, which I really should start making a reality rather than a pipedream ;-)



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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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