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Problems with ZCatalog
Squishdot Posted by Darrick Wong on Friday August 18, 08:41AM, 2000
from the bizarre indexing problems dept.
Long ago, I created a Squishdot on one of my servers (http://thibs.menloschool.org/news/). I just updated the underlying Squishdot installation to v0.50, following all the Upgrade Notes on the Zope site, but now the built-in search engine doesn't work quite right. First, the catalog would complain about Strings not being allowd in DT_In.py...and as I wrote this, that problem mysteriously disappeared. Now the engine returns zero articles no matter what search criteria you specify (except for the Topic field). Are these anomalies or am I just out of the loop?

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    Need more information.
    by Chris Withers on Friday August 18, 11:11AM, 2000

    The strings not being allowed in dtml-in thing is indicative of you not upgrading the indexing using the button on the postings page (0.4.x) or the options page (0.5.0+).

    What version of Zope and Squishdot were you using, and what versions are you using now?

    Any more information/tracebacks you could supply would be helpful :-)


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    • Re: Need more information.
      by Darrick Wong on Friday August 18, 05:40PM, 2000

      Right now, I'm running Zope 2.1.6 and Squishdot 0.5.0. I actually did push the "Upgrade Indexing" button on the Postings Page a month ago when I put Squishdot 0.4.1 on the server.

      However, I cannot provide any tracebacks as the problem seems to have mysteriously disappeared. But right before the problem went away, I noticed a curious thing--several of the articles had HTML tags in the title and author fields. After removing all of the tags (not easy when the search function is broken and there are >450 postings) and recataloging the articles, the problem seems to have gone away. Is it possible that those HTML tags might have been responsible for the ZCatalog problems?

      So now I'm working on a way to ban all HTML tags from the title and author lines, since the joker who perpetrated this prank used </td> and <font face="Symbol"> to cause all sorts of havoc with Squishdot. Or has this sort of regulation already been implemented?

      By the way, thanks for adding the "Encoding" field to postings!


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      • Re: Need more information.
        by Chris Withers on Sunday August 20, 05:44PM, 2000
        I don't see how this could have affected the catalog.

        You can solve the formatting problems by replacing all the <dtml-var title>'s with <dtml-var title html_quote> and likewise for subject.

        This should have been put in the demo sites but hasn't been and I want to get on with 2.2 compatibility rather than going through trying to find them all :(

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        • Re: Need more information.
          by Darrick Wong on Monday August 21, 03:57AM, 2000
          <dtml-var title html-quote>...thanks for the tip. I'll stick that in my site and nail starfury (our squishdot (ab)user) the next time he tries. Thanks for your help.

          Are you in England? I noticed that all the postings are in GMT...


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          • Yup, UK based :-)
            by Chris on Friday September 08, 01:53PM, 2000
            Yup, as is Squishdot.org now...

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    Re: Problems with ZCatalog
    by Georg Bauer on Friday December 01, 09:32AM, 2000

    Anybody has any idea how this problem is triggered? The funny thing is, I do have this now, too. I installed Squishdot 0.6.0 on Zope 2.1.4 (sorry, no newer Zope currently available around here) and when I did a search, nothing showed up. After I recataloged in the options tab, I do get search results as a list, but every element is None, so I get key errors when accessing author or thread_path or other stuff.

    Every new posting isn't automatically indexed, I have to manually recatalog. After that the same problem as above, the result only contains None values.

    Any help? The Zope 2.1.4 is the Zope as is packaged by Debian potato.

    bye, Georg
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    Re: Problems with ZCatalog
    by Georg Bauer on Friday December 01, 10:18AM, 2000
    Additional Information:

    - if I set up a new Squishdot 0.6.0, everything works fine. New postings and articles are cataloged automatically.

    - if I set moderation to "articles only", new articles are not cataloged after review in the moderation screen.

    - as soon as I add a SiteRoot, searchresults include only None values (the number of None values is correct, though) after recataloging.

    bye, Georg
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    • Searching and Moderation
      by Chris Withers on Saturday December 30, 11:49AM, 2000
      Hmmm... sounds like the searching problems may be moderation related.

      I'll have a look and let you know what I find...



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