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Squishdot erroring out on account of a datetime error
Squishdot Posted by Sandesh on Tuesday June 06, 02:28PM, 2000
from the the lug'ger's dept ! dept.
After installing squishdot and configuring it with Zope it errors out after a day with a datetime error and a timezone error . Could anyone tell me what's going on ??

This happens on NT and linux . The same behaviour is exhibited and this is alleviated by deleting the postings which use the objects of type datetime. Why does this error occur and does anyone have a fix for this .. I'm not exactly a python guy ;-) Thanks

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    Probably a TimeZone problem
    by Chris on Tuesday July 18, 10:41AM, 2000
    If you're in a GMT+x:30 time zone then the problem is with Zope, not Squishdot.

    Zope 2.2 fixes this, but Squishdot isn't going to work with Zope 2.2 for a while :(

    In the meantime, search for DateTime problems on the Zope Mailing List Archives at:


    I'm pretty sure I posted a patch of the fix for this problem to zope@zope.org but I can't remember where :S

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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