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The Future of Squishdot?
Squishdot Posted by Bruce Perens on Saturday May 20, 01:11AM, 2000
from the dept.
Well, a while back we heard that Squishdot was going to be substantially rewritten and incorporated into Zope's Portal Toolkit.

Since then, the customer who was going to fund that went away, the Digital Creations employee who was working on the portal toolkit resigned for family medical reasons, and Digital Creations stopped working on the portal toolkit because it has limited staff and other committments. They put the Portal Toolkit out for us Open Source folks to continue development.

Squishdot in its current incarnation is a dead end - it needs to be done over in Z Classes. It sounds to me as if the best thing to do would be to reimplement it on top of the Discussion component of the Portal Toolkit. But it looks as if we're going to do this folks, if it is to get done at all. I'm not sure how much we should be expecting from Butch.

I still think Zope is pretty cool and would like to stick with it. I'm not interested in the various Perl and PHP solutions. The only other viable platform for me right now is Enhydra, but Java isn't really a 100% Open Source platform yet.

So, anyone feel like volunteering?

Bruce Perens

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    Re: The Future of Squishdot?
    by deekayen on Saturday May 20, 04:51AM, 2000
    It's good to hear you want to stick with it. I put a lot of hours into my php variant, and keeping an intrest in development is really getting hard. I've had a couple of really good developers take over in my little mental vacation and they're doing a pretty good job... hopefully some will step forward for you (not me though).

    Anyway, I think for web news management, the world needs more than one option than using perl and Slash. Moreover, the world needs more than Slash and thatware or phpslash, so I commend any efforts you put forth to continute squishdot.
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    • Re: The Future of Squishdot?
      by Astratus on Thursday June 29, 02:35PM, 2000
      I think the Future of Squishdot is OK

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    some advice
    by deekayen on Saturday May 20, 04:56AM, 2000
    Some of the best advice I can give you is to use that sourceforge account I see yall signed up for, use CVS, and give a few people developer access to it. If you don't know it, it's worth the time to figure it out.
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    Re: The Future of Squishdot?
    by Chris on Sunday May 21, 02:48PM, 2000

    Squishdot and the PTK will merge. I suspect either Squishdot will become an easy-to-install wrapper around the PTK, or it will become totally obsolete.

    BUT, PTK isn't here yet so I'm doing a few things with Squishdot in the meantime, while Butch is away...

    0.4.0 is well on the way to being ready, checkout the roadmap in the CVS if you want to know what's going where...

    Once 0.4.0 is done, I'm diving into PTK to so what I can make of it and how Squishdot and it will interact. Other people's views on this would be great.

    Well, good luck people :-)

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    Re: willing but ability lacking
    by george on Monday May 22, 09:25AM, 2000
    i am very willing to help out but the ability is lacking. my skills now are more in the area of writing and editing tho i am in the "want to learn" category for python and zope.

    ive got zope running and am plannig to use squishdot for this site i am building at LetsJapan.com .

    if you think there is someway i can help out please let me know. i am on sourceforge and am monitoring Squishdot there, once i get this site going i'll have more time to get involved.

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    Re: The Future of Squishdot?
    by Scott on Thursday May 25, 04:37AM, 2000
    I have been using and dissecting the PTK. I am trying to abstract some of the intertwined methods into separate pieces for presentation reasons. I have just downloaded Squishdot to play with too. I like the news features of squishdot better than the PTK's. Like being able to comment on news postings. They definitely need to be breed together somehow. Long live squishdot!
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    Re: The Future of Squishdot?
    by Tres Seaver on Thursday May 25, 05:33AM, 2000
    First, let me say that Squishdot remains one
    of the "poster children" for DC's "Zope community
    development" story: written outside DC, with
    new maintenance from another community member,
    it is the best example to date of the
    "website-in-a-box" idea which is a major element
    in the promise of Zope.

    As the newly-christened "PTK Wrangler" at DC, I
    have a strong interest in seeing that Squishdot
    plays nicely with the PTK. I applaud the work
    Chris Withers is doing to move Squishdot in
    that direction, and can promise that we will
    be deploying resources to support that effort
    (no, we won't be driving; I think Squishdot
    will benefit more from being shaped by its own
    user community, than by being co-opted by DC).

    Again, many thanks to Butch and the Squishdot
    community for providing such a vital and useful
    product to the Zopistas of the world.

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    Re: The Future of Squishdot?
    by Brendon on Thursday May 25, 02:48PM, 2000
    I use and advocate Squishdot avidly. It is easy and intuitive to use. I recently started to look at the PTK, and to be honest it is everything but easy to use and customise (Installation is easy). The beauty of Squisdot is that it is so easy to customise based on DTML. You do not have to be a Python wizard to work with it. I would love to see a combined Squishdot / PTK Zope product. Take the easy of use and excellent UI of Squishdot and use the PTK to create a personalisable portal functionality.

    What would it cost in development effort to do this? What human, financial and time resources are needed?
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    Re: The Future of Squishdot?
    by Matt Durell on Monday May 29, 07:09PM, 2000
    Pardon my ignorance, I just got started in Zope yesterday along with Squishdot.

    I have already made a few modifications to the Squishdot.py file even though I know nothing about Python (I added a year_posted function so the comment footer looks like such: © ). All and all, Squishdot appears to be pretty good as it is. I do see room for improvements such as meta-moderation, integration with a real ad system, and a real quotation system.

    However, what exactly would we gain porting over to ZClasses and the PTK?

    Also, what kind of money is involved in funding this operation? $500 USD, $50,000 USD, a few cases of of Free Beer(tm) :)
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    Re: The Future of Squishdot?
    by Eric on Wednesday June 21, 01:36AM, 2000
    Hi. I am building a new Squishdot site. I would like to help develop the product. I will sign up for a sourceforge account. I will be spending the next few weeks getting better acquainted with Zope and Squishdot. My main interest is making the product more robust and configurable.
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