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custom security methods
Squishdot Posted by aron on Friday May 19, 07:11PM, 2000
from the c-is-for-cookie dept.
I'm trying to add some custom security routines into Zope/Squishdot. I've got to require that the client has a cookie of a certain format. If this cookie is present, Zope/Squishdot will allow access without a username/password. If the cookie is not present, I need to redirect to another page. Are there stubs to allow this sort of thing? Where would be the proper place to hook in my code?

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    Re: custom security methods
    by Darrick Wong on Saturday May 20, 01:54AM, 2000
    Well...you could install etcUserFolder to do cookie based user authentication, then just modify (cough) etcUserFolder's python code to make the cookie last a really long time (instead of having them die at the end of the browser session)...then just open cookies.txt, extract the __ac cookie and then distribute that to all the client machines. The redirection upon invalid cookie is simple--just modify the etcUserFolder code to redirect upon a "bad" login. Sorta hackish, but it works.
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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