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showing posters ip
Squishdot Posted by Delta on Wednesday April 12, 05:33PM, 2000
from the dept.
I was wondering if it would be possible to save the posterīs ip and/or host and show this information next to each article (maybe instead of the dept thingy?).

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    Re: showing posters ip
    by Deano on Thursday April 13, 04:06PM, 2000
    Speaking of the 'dept thingy', it would be nice to have it not appear at all if that field is left blank... But I also like the idea of using that space (or somewhere else, so that replies are also logged) to log IPs.

    In general, it would be nice to have an easy admin-level way of turning the dept, topic images, etc. on and off. Perhaps some of this is even possible, and merely undocumented?
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    Re: showing posters ip
    by GFilho on Friday April 14, 01:47AM, 2000
    In the DTML Method "addPostingForm" locate:

    <P><FONT color="<dtml-var color3>"><B>Dept.</B></FONT>

    (Optional)<BR> <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="dept" VALUE="" SIZE=50>

    <BR><FONT size=2>(This should be a short, colorful or funny quip
    about the

    article which will be displayed on the main page.<BR>

    Examples would be <B> you-gotta-be-kidding dept.</B> or

    <B>eat-your-broccolli-and-no-complaining-about-it dept.</B>

    <BR> Use your imagination (you got one, don't ya?)

    (<B>Note:</B> Don't type in the "dept." part.))</FONT>

    Substitute for:

    <P><FONT color="<dtml-var color3>"><B>Your Host:</B></FONT>

    <b><dtml-var REMOTE_HOST></b><BR>

    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="dept" VALUE="<dtml-var REMOTE_HOST>">


    The dept. it will be substituted by the by the hostname or IP.

    In the DTML Methods "posting_html" and "/index_html" locate:

    <FONT size=2><B>from the <dtml-var dept> dept.</B></FONT><BR>

    Substitute for:

    <FONT size=2><B>from <dtml-var dept>.</B></FONT><BR>

    Or a better message...

    See the table 10, page 25, on the Zope Document Markup Language User's Guide
    for more information.

    Translated by Babel Fish

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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