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CLL News - A Squishdot Siting
Squishdot Posted by Bruce Atherton on Saturday April 08, 10:26PM, 2000
from the diary-of-a-bone-marrow-transplant dept.
As some in the Squishdot community know, I have a kind of Leukemia called CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia).

I am currently undergoing a Bone Marrow Transplant for this condition several thousand miles away from home, and Squishdot has allowed me to keep an online diary of the procedure.

This has turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for everyone. While I live in Vancouver, I am undergoing the bone marrow transplant at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Ordinarily, my family and friends would be out of the loop, or kept in only through email. This way they can check the Shquishdot site to see what the latest is, read up on any diary entries they've missed, and review ones they only half remember. We can also include a lot more detail than we would ordinarily because we aren't forcing email on them to read. For those that appreciate the detail it is there, and for the rest, they can skim over it.

Nor are they the only ones using the site. Some of my physicians are keeping up with the latest happenings, even learning how to bookmark pages (Physicians, with exceptions, don't tend to keep up on the cutting edge of computer technology).

There is also an organized CLL mailing list, and the site has been posted to there as well. We have received many good comments and emails (and a few postcards) from people affected by CLL from around the world.

Once my BMT saga is finished I intend to maintain the CLL News site for regular news occurences.

Anyway, I thought I'd let you know (particularly you, Butch) about another Squishdot site that is particularly useful to a select group of people.


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    Re: CLL News - A Squishdot Siting
    by Butch Landingin on Sunday April 09, 02:54AM, 2000
    I'm glad that Squishdot, in some little way, has helped your family and friends keep in touch with you.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Bruce.

    - Butch

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    Re: CLL News - A Squishdot Siting
    by Anu on Monday May 26, 12:24PM, 2003
    Hello Bruce Three months back I dont know if the name CLL would have made any impact on me...but then life always has a nasty habit of throwing in surprises and shocks as well...I have been recently diagnosed to have CLL with a 35000 WBC count...My onco has asked me to take deriphyllin 2 tabs twice for a month...can anybody who is reading this give me an answer as to the implications of deriphyllin in treating CLL...I would be very thankful to receive a reply..I am a 38 yr old Indian female....bubye
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    • Re: CLL News - A Squishdot Siting
      by Pete DeFabiis on Tuesday June 03, 06:58AM, 2003
      Hello Anu - Approaching 2 years since diag. WBC 60,000+ with a couple swollen nodes. Still playing the wait and see approach. Deriphylin seems to be something for asthma!?!? Until now never heard of it. When you find out why I'd be very intereted, also has it improved your overall health... I am 47 yr old male Stay Strong Thanks
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      • Re: CLL News - A Squishdot Siting
        by Anu on Wednesday June 18, 06:00AM, 2003
        Thanx Pete....I was also wondering about deriphyllin and y it was suggested....I am not taking it anyway...will post if i get any update...Lets fight it out...Stay strong u too
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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