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Outlines & Browser Dependencies
Squishdot Posted by David Medberry on Monday April 03, 06:38PM, 2000
from the "IE boxes Netscape"--film at 11:00 dept.

It seems like squishdot displays better on IE than on Navigator/Communicator. The "Features" are outlined in IE but not in Navigator.

What's up with that?

However, if I look at Technocrat it seems to have solved this problem? Can someone point me to the FAQ that resolves this problem?

So, you are replying. Thanks. If you need a graphic of what I am talking about, look at the attached file. (~300K JPEG).

It shows four screen shots--two of IE and two of Navigator. Squishdot site looks "wrong" and the Technocrat site looks "right". I don't think it is just a matter of the outlined/blocked article area either (although it could be releated.)

Bruce Perens, have you got any tips?

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    Re: Outlines & Browser Dependencies
    by Darrick Wong on Tuesday April 04, 07:24AM, 2000
    Funny, what version of Netscape are you running? I'm running 4.72, and the drop shadows come out just fine.

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    • Re: Outlines & Browser Dependencies
      by David Medberry on Tuesday April 04, 06:08PM, 2000

      I am using Netscape Communicator 4.7 (and also upgraded to 4.72 same problem) on Win NT 4 (SP6) machine. My Redhat 6.1 box views the pages just fine with Netscape 4.61.

      I will go ahead and try a full UNINSTALL on my Netscape and re-install to try and see if it is a problem specific to my config. (I will check a co-worker's NT first though....)

      Thanks for the feedback. -dave

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    Re: Outlines & Browser Dependencies
    by Michael Bernstein on Tuesday April 04, 09:32PM, 2000

    I'm the designer that altered technocrat.net's look. Basically, I went into the DTML and removed all the conditional code for rounded corners and drop shadows, and increased some padding in the tables, as well as including some new surrounding tables to get the black outlines.

    A slightly more drastic alteration was done to my own site, FIAWOL.

    Now, that said, I have noticed to drop shadows not displaying correctly under Netscape, but decided to remove the problem rather than try to fix it.
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    Re: Outlines & Browser Dependencies
    by Deano on Thursday April 06, 09:03PM, 2000
    Here's my solution:

    Netscape seems to re-use that dropshadow graphic in a weird way. If I do a force-refresh once my squish site is loaded, the reload of the site fixes the problem. I've also found netscape to just completely screw up images in general the first time a page is loaded into the cache.
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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