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Squishdot as a folder
Squishdot Posted by Fabio Augusto Mazzarino on Thursday March 16, 08:55PM, 2000
from the squishdot-on-top dept.
After some weeks working on it, trying to make Squishdot part of my site, without filling the root folder with squishdot files, and without (argh) frames, I finally did it. I can call Squishdot from a parent folder.

A simple modification now allowed me to call Squishdot from anywhere outside the Squishdot folder.
For example:


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  • Squishdot

Some of our squishdotter friends have tried this but a problem with site_url( ) made them give up. Now here goes the solution:

In Squishdot.py line 824 (site_url( )) there is the following line:

if p.meta_type == 'Squishdot Site':

We can change this to:

if p.meta_type == 'Squishdot Site' or p.meta_type == 'Folder':

It will probably be a little slower, because it'll search for Squishdot Site inside all available folders, but it have worked until now for me (2 weeks).

Well, this allows me to make a different view for our intranet site (hooking with Vision in "Customizing Squishdot" 02/21/00.

Unfortunately our intranet doesn't allow outside access, so I'll send for you just a screen shot.

That's all folks.

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