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"search" feature
Squishdot Posted by Ian Kelley on Wednesday March 08, 01:04PM, 2000
from the dept.
Squishdot calls search when you perform a search, or click on a subject category, but what file is it really calling?

I installed SquishDot and have searchResults and searchForm, but what is happending with this new thing called search?

Am I missing something terribly basic?

The thing is, I want to be able to make some minor modifications to the SearchResults file, so when they click on the subject category, they don't get a new search screen, but rather ONLY the matches found.

But I also want to have the normal search.

Any Help is very appreciated.

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    Re: "search" feature
    by IB on Thursday June 01, 04:45PM, 2000
    I also have the same problem. Where is the "search" object. When I try adding a new object with the id 'search' I recieve a message saying that this id already exists. However when I do a "find" for the id search, no results are shown.
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    • Re: "search" feature
      by psulli on Monday May 24, 06:16PM, 2004
      search is a method in the product in the script SquishSite.py. If you don't know much python and don't understand how zope products work ... do some documentation reading. Good Luck!
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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