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Slow Server
Squishdot Posted by John Hendow on Wednesday February 23, 12:11AM, 2000
from the turbo boost requested dept.
I am working with a zope/squishdot site on one of the zope-recommended commercial hosts, and while they are terrifically helpful, the zope install AND squishdot are agonizingly slow. It takes ten to twenty seconds to even view the contents of a single page.
Even working in the zope environment is unbearable. Clicking on a folder results in a fifteen second wait (or longer) before the contents are displayed.
I have a T3 here at work, and even here my squishdot site is unbearably slow. It's not the connection or their server; I can ping it and the throughput it very quick, usually 10ms or less. But the good stuff like squishdot takes way too long. Anybody have a suggestion on how to speed it up?
My host is running Apache on a high-end Sun box.

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    Re: Slow Server
    by Greg Williams on Wednesday February 23, 07:49AM, 2000
    Greetings John.

    I installed the Zope on a Winbox with the default Medunsa-based server. (ZServer), and it seemed to work fine. Then I installed it on a linux box at work, it even seems pretty fast over a 56K connection!! I've never tried the Apache-binding, I guess that could be the prob, I'm still really new to the technology, though.

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    Re: Slow Server
    by Ainis on Wednesday February 23, 06:13PM, 2000
    I have run Zope on Pentium 133 mhz and Pentium MMX 200 mhz boxes with 64-92 MB of RAM and I had no such problems. Zope seemed to be speedy enougth- clicking on folder results maximum 2 second wait (usually it loads in less than a second) at our local 100mbit network, and from home i have 2mbit line to work and still it loads in about 2 seconds (it's about 16ms away but there's some loss of packets). I think line bandwidth is not issue here. Something is wrong with your server/installation. Is there enought RAM? Or maybe it's APACHE server? Try one simple thing- dload newest Zope and install it into some temporary dir, run ./start script so that it starts with it's own web server and see if it makes any difference. If you must use apache at least u'll know the source of your problems.
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    Re: Slow Server
    by Julian on Thursday February 24, 12:10AM, 2000
    I'm running a couple of Squish groups on an old 100MHz PowerMac with LinuxPPC, and while it's nowhere near as slow as you describe it's not exactly greased lightning.

    I have managed to speed Squishdot's display up a fair bit (maybe 20%) by cleaning up some of the HTML it generates. Quoting attributes consistently and so on. Also, if you're looking at an 'out-of-the-box' Squish site that animated gif at the top is pretty huge - get rid of it and the page goes much quicker.

    That said, it sounds like you have some other kind of problem with your Zope install or your connection. I also have Zope running behind Apache on a moderately big Sun box and it's lightning fast, Squishdot and all.

    Can you get access to the server to tail the Zope logs and see what's happening?
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    Re: Slow Server
    by runyaga on Friday February 25, 11:09PM, 2000
    is this hurrah.com by chance? not to pick on them.. David does a great job - but the boxes crawl sometimes. I'm hosting a site there.. but their boxes arent the fastest beasts.. its called SLOWlaris for a reason :)

    I can promise you its the processing on the boxes. this is NOT A problem (at work I run squishdot for intranet discussion perfect use btw) w/ Zope or Squishdot. what I DO have a problem w/ is the instability of ZServer. Its not as mature as apache (yes sure sure technocrat.net has been slashdotted) but when I have multiple browsers beating on Zserver all day ( some ppl waiting for the entire request, some ppl stopping the request, .. true chaos) it usually crashes within 24/48 hours :( -- I have been told ZServer is mature (but to think its even close to apache is a pipe-dream)

    my suggestion: ssh into your zope-aware ISP and do a top and see whats eating all the processing (scheudler?).. and if it doesnt get better contact me and I can point you to a ISP that hosts Zope (but not advertised yet)..
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    Re: Slow Server
    by John Hendow on Monday February 28, 06:21PM, 2000
    Thanks for your suggestions. I have checked with my provider to see if ther obvious stuff is set up correctly. I like my provider and the admin seems familiar with the Zope environment. The Sun machine seems reasonably robust and it has enough RAM, etc. What baffles me is that even the Zope environment itself is slow. It's positively unbearable to even look at the folders; it can take a minute for the contents to display.

    I know that this runs faster in a local environment like our trusty intranet discussion group. But this seems a lot slower than anything else I have ever seen. After several rounds of email to tweak the install and run tests, I am definitely tempted to jump ship and find a different provider. Anyone have a suggestion for a Zope-savvy host?
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    Re: Slow Server
    by Felipe Barousse on Tuesday March 07, 04:08AM, 2000
    Something similar is happening to my site. I am running Zope 2.1.4 on Redhat 6.1 pages take about 25 secs to load.

    We just discovered that if we take out all the HTML table tags from the DTML methods, the pages load very quick, put them back in and again it gets really slow.

    Does any body knows anything special about HTML tables within Zope ?

    BTW, This happens not only in squishdot but in all the apps we developed within Zope.

    Any comments are appreciated.
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    Re: Slow Server
    by John Hendow on Thursday March 09, 01:35AM, 2000
    After some more tweaking (and whining to the admin), my host decided to build a new machine and move the Zope apps over to it. I must say... it's lightning quick now. Much improved and administration is a breeze now.

    Sigh. I hope this doesn't mean that the only way to make Zope faster is to invest in heavy iron on the server side. I recall using Zope in my old intranet and it was quite reasonable, even on a lowly P133 with 32 megs of RAM. Thanks again for all the ideas. I am definitely a Zope/Squishdot fan and this combo is very usable on my site now.
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    Re: Slow Server
    by Anon on Saturday March 11, 07:47PM, 2000
    Perhaps a separate image of Zope was being created to handle each request?
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    Re: Slow Server
    by Paul Everitt on Wednesday March 15, 11:13PM, 2000
    I suspect reverse DNS. Check your ZServer setup (z2.py) to see if it is trying to talk to a DNS server that isn't happy.

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