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Customizing Squishdot
Squishdot Posted by Vinson on Tuesday February 22, 05:32AM, 2000
from the they-all-look-the-same dept.
I've been reading this page for a while now, and I've seen several squishdot based sites that someone has mentioned, and they all look the same.

I really dont know why someone would want a site that looked exactly like another's. It's not that difficult to customize the layout of squishdot while retaining all of the functionality. Two sites that i've developed are at these locations:
These are hosted on my cablemode so dont expect them to be blazing fast, and they're are prototype sites with filler content, not production sites. Just wanted to show people what you can do with Zope/squishdot as a base or framework to start from.

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    Thanks for the demos
    by Michael Schmitt on Wednesday February 23, 06:42AM, 2000
    I have had an itch to do some slashdot type site for quite a while and just ran across squishdot a couple of days ago. I got it running up on one of my test boxes last night but have alot of reading to do before even try to ask any questions.

    I really liked seeing the the demos and was curious how long they took to customize.

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    • Re: Thanks for the demos
      by Vinson on Friday February 25, 03:04AM, 2000
      The first (somesite) took a while to do, of course it was my first experience with Squishdot and Zope also. The 2nd was an adaptation of a prototype site that was straight html, and using the knowledge i got from the first site i did that in a night. Of course there is a bunch of work still to do on it. I'd be happy to answer any further questions.

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    Re: Customizing Squishdot
    by Dennis Baker on Thursday February 24, 08:11AM, 2000
    I've been paying a little, but am concered that if I make any significant changes to the dtml it will break, and or be unupgradable. For example, I want to integrate the leftbox_items into my own menu stucture on the left (It's part of a larger web page). I have to change it in about 5 places (so far). If Squishdot upgrades I have to change it 5 times again...

    Editing the code doesn't bother me in and of itself, I just hate to repeat it later. Also makes it diffucult to maintain down the road if I'm no longer with the company. It would be nice if it was a little more customizable without editing dtml.
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    Re: Customizing Squishdot
    by Chen Shapira on Sunday February 27, 07:43AM, 2000
    Not so.
    IGLU (israelu group of linux users) used a heavily customized squishdot at their site:
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    • Re: Customizing Squishdot
      by Michael Simcich on Wednesday March 01, 09:38PM, 2000
      So you're saying that if one customizes parts of squishdot it's still safe to upgrade to a newer verion the base squishdot? How does Zope or Squishdot know what to keep and what to replace?

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      • Re: Customizing Squishdot
        by Chen Shapira on Thursday March 02, 06:49PM, 2000
        I never upgraded my customized site, but I think that it may depend quite a bit...

        1) if you didn't touched the squishcode (duh!)

        2) if the squishcoders didn't break compatibility (i.e. they made sure that previously defined builtins will stay there (you don't want site_url to disappear from squishdot.py...)

        3) if you didn't depend on a non-standard "feature"

        4) if you upgrade by "export" and "import"

        I think it'll stand...

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    by Peter Abeln on Thursday March 02, 12:58AM, 2000
    What I would like to do w/ my own squishdot site (internal, sorry), is change the formatting to rely on Cascading Style Sheets instead of the current mishmash.

    I think this would make customizing, and updating, much simpler.

    Is anyone else doing this, or thinking about it?
    Or maybe I've missed the boat and there's a massive effort underway to migrate to XML... I haven't been keeping up to date like I should.
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    • Re: CSS?
      by The_Mandrake on Wednesday March 15, 06:19PM, 2000

      You _definately_ will want to check out ZCSS (http://www.zope.org/Members/haqa/ZStyleSheet).

      I started setting up a squish based site yesterday and that was the first thing I threw at it... works like a charm... I have yet to replace the standard colour styling (var color1, etc) but I will by trying that out today.

      I also have to commend everybody who has worked on Squishdot, it is just a dream to work with. Last year I had to setup a Slashdot-esque site.. so naturally we used slash... BAD idea. One month later and it worked tolerably (including CSS implementation) but I was able to get the same functionality in under 3 hours yesterday...

      I also have a question about integrating the ZIEtool into the squishdot article/comment posting interface. Has anybody had any experience with this? Got any tips for a newbie? =)

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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