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Installation questions - FreeBSD V3.4 - SquishDot/Slashdot
Squishdot Posted by Christopher Neal on Wednesday January 26, 09:00PM, 2000
from the what's the best choice dept.
I have a FreeBSD V3.4 machine. I'm using Apache as my webserver. I noticed today that "Slash" .09 was released. I've never tried to install Slash. While tooling through some of the discussions, I found out about "squishdot". I've been wanting to "install" something like "Slash" for sometime, as I've got what I thought were a couple of good ideas for "discussion" websites, and I've already registered the domain names... (More below...)

I guess you'd say I'm somewhat of a rookie at installing things that are not "make depend", "make" and "make install". I'm wondering what are the major differences are between the FUNCTIONALITY between the Squish dot platform, and the Slash dot platform. Also, I presume, that there is a SIGNIFIGANT difference in the amount of technical knowledge needed between installing the two? Will I have any problems installing this on a FreeBSD machine? I noted that the installation instructions only provide details on using this "zope" tool? What if I want to use Apache, and the little "table widget" described in the instructions? Are there details of that on here? Thanks for any help you can provide! -Chris Neal Glendale Arizona U.S.A.

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    Re: Installation questions - FreeBSD V3.4 - SquishDot/Slashdot
    by Jon Goodwin on Thursday January 27, 09:06PM, 2000
    I am in the exact same boat, so any feedback would be VERY welcome!

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    [OFF-TOPIC]Re: Installation questions
    by south on Thursday January 27, 09:49PM, 2000
    After seeing the same post in the Slashdot comments I went ahead and installed Zope and Squishdot on one of my Linux boxes. I got the Zope QuickStart site working and Squishdot installed.

    If I look at Squishdot from the broswer on my server everything appears to be working properly. My problem is that if I try to access Squishdot from any box besides the server it asks for a username/password.

    I've given anonymous view rights to the site but it still asks for authentication. I couldn't find anything about this in the documentation. Any ideas?

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    • Re: [OFF-TOPIC]Re: Installation questions
      by south on Friday January 28, 12:31AM, 2000
      Found the solution to my problem. I needed to give anonymous the rights to "Query TinyTable Data". Everything works great now.


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    Re: Installation questions - FreeBSD V3.4 - SquishDot/Slashdot
    by Butch Landingin on Friday January 28, 04:17AM, 2000
    I would suggest trying Squishdot out for yourself. This site demoes most of the features -- the only thing you can't see is the administration interface.

    One of the strengths of Squishdot and Zope is how easy it is to install and maintain -- it comes up with a working installation right away. It should'nt take more than hour or two to install it and if you don't like it or if its not for you then all you've wasted is at the most 2 hours.

    I don't want to comment on the strengths and weaknesses of slash as I haven't tried it out for myself.

    AFAIK, it works on FreeBSD -- ask/search the zope and squishdot mailing archives...
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    • Re: Installation questions - FreeBSD V3.4 - SquishDot/Slashdot
      by Kevin Day on Sunday January 30, 02:23AM, 2000
      SquishDot and Zope are running www.astepcloser.com and survived getting slashdotted(for real) last week. It's running on FreeBSD 3.4, on a Celeron 400 with 64MB of ram... During the heaviest use, the load average didn't go above 0.20


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    Re: Installation questions - FreeBSD V3.4 - SquishDot/Slashdot
    by Kairn on Sunday January 30, 04:44PM, 2000
    I installed Zope + Squish + Tiny Tables last week after hearing about it on /., it took me a a couple of hours to install everything and a little while longer to make the page the way I wanted it, it's pretty much identical to the interface here at this point, I'll make changes once I've had time to sit down and learn DTML properly.

    I have ZServer running on 8080 and Apache handling port 80 requests.

    Originally I just added the Redirect command to httpd.conf for the domain in question which works fine for most browsers but caused IE 5.0 to not load images :/ This was caused because Zope appears to use absolute url references.

    After some digging around in the Apache docs I found reference to ProxyPass, which seems to do the trick.
    Here's what is in my httpd.conf for the domain in question

    VirtualHost xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

    ProxyPass / http://www.mydomain.net:8080/applemoon
    ProxyPassReverse / http://www.mydomain.net:8080/folder
    ProxyPass /Images http://www.mydomain.net:8080/folder/Images


    You have to make sure that you have the mod_proxy.c is loaded for this to work.
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