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FYI: Minor Squishdot Site in Support of Teaching
Squishdot Posted by Neal Holtz on Thursday September 23, 02:56PM, 1999
from the its-only-just-numbers dept.
There is not much here yet, but I just thought I'ld mention a Squishdot site that I'm building in support of a Numerical Methods course that I teach. On the whole, I'm very pleased with Zope/Squishdot so far.
The site is at: http://holtz2.carleton.ca/Zope/91.266A/

I've made a few very small changes so far: random quotes at page bottm, ability to get undecorated pages for printing (by students). Things I hope to do soon:

  • authenticate registered students from a MySQL marks database.
  • create roles for TAs, registered students.
  • allow registered students to post comments unmoderated, anonymous users remain moderated.
  • dynamic "new" marks for authenticated users, so that it shows what is new for them since last time, etc ..

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