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Re: Feature: Installation Instructions
by Butch Landingin on Friday July 30, 06:21PM, 1999
You probably can't replace the topmost "Welcome to Squishdot" index_html with Squishdot's index_html . The squishdot folder has to reside in a level lower than the topmost. What you can do is change the content of the topmost index_html to do a redirect by adding the following code :

<dtml-call "RESPONSE.redirect('MySquishdotFolder')">

where 'MySquishdotFolder' is the relative URL of your Squishdot folder. This will redirect all accesses to the topmost index_html to your Squishdot home page.

As for the AC posting, there's no such thing... Squishdot doesn't currently support user registration so the only way posting authors are identified are by what each poster enters as their name...

--Butch (squishdot maintainer)

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    Re: Feature: Installation Instructions
    by Sam Rowe on Thursday August 19, 07:05PM, 1999
    This doesn't work on my Zope/Squishdot install.... it shows up as HTML

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    Re: Feature: Installation Instructions
    by Lockjaw on Thursday September 09, 01:35PM, 1999
    This begs the question, when will user login support be added?

    This was one of the features I was looking around for clear information on, on the site. Unfortunately, this is a feature I require, so my own ideas won't move up as fast as I had hoped.

    The other feature I'm looking for clear information on is advertisement handling. What kind of features does the ad service have?

    It's been years since I've done any coding besides html, so my brain isn't quite ready to learn python yet :)

    Owner - The Book Exchange Warehouse

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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