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Installation Problems
by Alan Aspuru-Guzik on Sunday August 01, @02:11AM
Hello guys!
This system is incredibly good. I am having problems installing it though.
My configuration is the following:

RedHat Alpha Linux 6.0 (w/updates)
ZOPE version Zope-1.10.0pr1 (I am not using 2.0b because installing it would require compiling python 1.5.2 and got stuck in the process of doing that)
I installed TinyTable B2

When I want to add a squishdot site,I can do it but only with the "plain vanilla web pages". If I choose Fancy demo with slashdot or with blue heaven, I obtain the error message:

"Sorry, an error occurred "

Thanks a lot for the help!

Could you also send me the entire error page (by viewing the source) -- it contains more information as to what exactly is going wrong as this includes the traceback message... you might need to clear your browser's disk and memory cache before you get the correct error message, though ... -- Butch (squishdot@yahoo.com)

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