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Re: Solution
by I. Valdes on Friday January 20, @02:02PM
Hello all, thanks to Chris Withers magic, here is the fix for old Squishdot sites migrating to Zope 2.8:

First, the problem: "intSet has been deprecated for about 5 years, and Squishdot hasn't used it in about as long. Sadly, Squishdot sites created before then will, apparently, still have some intSet's in them. In 2.8, the class was finally removed, and so Zope no longer knows what to do with the data that makes up the intSet object, hence the KeyErrors you were getting. fixdot basically goes through all the postings and replaces any intSets it finds with IISets, which are the new version."

To run fixdot, create the file fixdot.py in the Extensions subdirectory in the filesystem of your current zope that is NOT 2.8.x ie you must run this BEFORE you migrate to 2.8.x. fixdot.py should contain the following code:

from StringIO import StringIO
from intSet import intSet
from BTrees.IIBTree import IISet

def fixdot(self):
output = StringIO()
for id,posting in self.data.items():
if isinstance(posting.ids,intSet):
posting.ids = IISet(posting.ids)
print >> output, 'Fixed ',id

print >> output, 'Done!'
return output.getvalue()

After creating fixdot.py in the Extensions folder, go to the ZMI and in the Squishdot site subdirectory, Add an External Method. Fill in fixdot for all of the fields it asks for. Then run it. For example, it can be invoked as follows: http://localhost:8080/squishinstance/fixdot

where squishinstance is the name of your old squishinstance. After this has run, it should be migratable to 2.8.x Good luck!

Other edits I did:

http://download.soth.at/Squishdot-Zope-2.8.1-final-addSquishdotForm-patch.txt Which are linked from the article discussion at:

There may also be an issue with TinyTablePlus on 2.8.x that requires a small edit but I'm no longer sure what that is.

-- IV
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