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How To: Display an image in a Squishdot page
How-To Posted by Mark Matthews on Wednesday July 07, 12:30PM, 2004
from the cant-find-it-in-the-documentation dept dept.
As well as attachments to a post, we need Images to be displayed as part of some postings.... how?

...Can we do this using Structured Text references or HTML references to images stored inside the Zope server or Squishdot admin?
...can we get the attachments to display at the bottom of a posting they are attached to if they are images, like in a ZWiki?

..help please!


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    Just Link to 'em
    by Chris Withers on Monday July 12, 09:47AM, 2004
    I'd just store them somewhere in your Zope instance and refer to them with <img> tags that have src attributes containing relative references to the images you want. Works for me on a couple of my SquishSites...

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    • Re: Just Link to 'em
      by Mark Matthews on Tuesday July 13, 12:55PM, 2004
      Thanks. After getting more help i added the "valid_tags" property (of type Lines) to the properties list in the Squishdot folder, and into this put all the values i needed including IMG, for <IMG>xxx</IMG>.

      Then by creating a vlaid HTML tag to an external picture file stored on our file server, i was able to have any image (of flow charts, uml, diagrams, etc) diaplay in-line in any posting, or even summary section. Fantastic - could not have got there without all the help from the guys on this site :-)
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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