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capacity question; also, searching for names
Squishdot Posted by Jeff on Thursday June 03, 09:53PM, 2004
from the dept.

Hi - I've got a squishdot site that's been running for about a year now, and I have a couple of questions about the topics in the title of this post...

First off, we have more than 5000 posts now, and I'm just wondering if there's some point at which we'll max out. Is there some number of posts, (or amount of data from posts), after which we'll start running into problems?

Secondly, we're celebrating our 1 year anniversary on the site, and I'm collecting some usage statistics. I know how many hits we've had, but I'm wondering if there's an easy way for me to create a list of each individual who has made a post - each unique "Name" used.

Note that I only have access to the server on which the site is run through the ZMI, so I don't think I can do anything directly in the file system, (running python scripts, etc.)

Our site is a hobby site for kids who are into video games...they post things of interest to them, submit artwork, fanfiction, comics, reviews, and other stuff. It's here if you'd like to check it out.

Any help with my questions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Some answers
    by Chris Withers on Friday June 04, 09:13AM, 2004
    As such, there is no capacity limit bar what you have in terms of disk space, CPU and memory.

    If you're using the default storage for Zope, you may run into some issues if your Data.fs becomes larger than 2GB, but these are all easily solved. How big is your Data.fs currently?

    As for the names, try the following in a Script (Python):

    print context.your_squish_site.uniqueValuesFor('author')
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    • Re: Some answers
      by Jeff on Tuesday June 15, 09:42PM, 2004
      Thanks for the information and help Chris. We're way below the 2G mark right now, so I guess we have plenty of room yet to grow.

      Awesome product!

      BTW, after making my original post above, I started receiving some spam on the email account I entered for notification of a reply. Is something harvesting email addresses from your site?
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      • Spam Harvesting
        by Chris Withers on Monday June 28, 12:10PM, 2004
        It's a website on the internet, so "yes" ;-)

        I'd recommend SpamAssassin or SAProxy if you're saddled with Outlook Express...

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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