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Squishdot Posted by Scott Deerwester on Saturday April 24, 05:35AM, 2004
from the dept.

I've been very gratefully using Squishdot for the last few years at the P3 Project Web site.

One thing that doesn't work so well - among many things that work wonderfully! - is the way that Squishdot selects what articles to put on the page.

Basically, Squishdot was written assuming that a lot of articles per day were being written, and it pays a lot of attention to articles written on the current day. On the P3 site, we write an article every day or two, so that's not as useful. Could we have a simple method like item_list or id_list, but without the specific date selection semantics? I'd love more control than Squishdot gives me over what articles to display. I'd also like to be able to let the user easily browse through the older articles on the site. A method that either just returns all of the articles on the site, or returns a specific number of them, or, if you wanted to get fancy, accepts a lambda that it uses to filter the list, would be really handy. That way, I can use dtml-in and filter however I want. Waddya think?

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    Squishdot IS a ZCatalog
    by Chris Withers on Thursday May 06, 11:42AM, 2004
    This has all been done already and more ;-)

    Squishdot IS a ZCatalog, which means you can search it for all sorts of things and return many and varied results :-)

    Basically, if you read the ZCatalog documentation on Zope.org (in the Zope book) you'll be able to do all the things you've asked for and more...

    If you run into any specific problems, as here or on the mailing list.


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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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