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Squishdot Objects self.ids and self.data
Squishdot Posted by Matthew on Tuesday November 25, 09:07PM, 2003
from the confused-about-posting-storage dept.
I am working on making some modifications to squishdot to use it a big tracker and all is well so far. One of the features that I am addind is the ability to archive posts. The question I have is what is the difference between the self.data dict. and the self.ids dict. I have been poking about the the source file SquishSite.py but I am still not entirely sure why there are two different ways for storing postings. Any clarification that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. thanks -matthew

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    by Chris Withers on Friday December 12, 06:33PM, 2003
    Not sure what you're trying to achieve is wise, but here's the answers to your questions...

    self.data is a IOBTree that exists only in the SquishSite object. It is acquired elsewhere and it contains all the posting objects in the site, mapped to by their integer id (the things you see in the urls)

    self.ids is an list of those integer ids. Every posting (and the SquishSite object) has a self.ids that contains the ids of the postings that are children of the posting object. So, in the case of the SquishSite object, it contains the ids of articles in the site, in the case of Articles, it contains the ids of the immeditatereplies to that article.


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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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