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Modifing Squishdot
Newbies Posted by Matthew on Thursday October 02, 11:56PM, 2003
from the dept.
My department it looking to use squish dot as a bug tracker so naturaly a few things need to be modified.

My problem is that I do not understand how posts are stored in SD and how to add/modify attributes of posts. I looked in the documentaion and began poking through the source but I thought that perhaps some one could lend some insite. If I get all the mods done I hope to to release it as a new project for the community at large. -matthew

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    Why not use a bug tracker?
    by Chris Withers on Thursday October 09, 03:48PM, 2003

    Hi Matthew,

    Don't think you're making a good choice here.

    If you want a bug tracker, have a look at these:





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    • Too late now
      by Matthew on Thursday October 09, 10:34PM, 2003

      Thanks for getting back to me but we have already begun making the necessary modifications. Once I got over a small hump and better understood what each script does it was pretty easy. In answer to your question (though I have not thoroughly researched the alternatives you offered) the reason we do not want to use a bug tracker is that traditionaly they do not offer some of the features that we desire. In addition we have a relativley small user base and number of bugs so many of the advanced features offered by bug tracking systems are not of use to us. This system is actually used in a help desk enviroment.

      BTW thanks for keeping your sorce code clean and sensible.

      Thank you -matthew

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    • Re: Why not use a bug tracker?
      by Axxackall on Friday November 07, 05:16PM, 2003

      We use CMFCollectorNG in several projects. Also we use Bugzilla (but plan to migrate those trackers to CMFCollectorNG too). And we have tried several other issue tracking systems, some Zope-based, some not.

      I can tell and assure that CMFCollectorNG is the best combination of already implemented functionality on one side and of potential flexibility to add/modify functionality on the other side.

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    Re: Modifing Squishdot
    by Dean on Friday October 10, 05:30AM, 2003

    You might also want to check out Zwiki's Issue Tracker here

    Drop a line on that page if that tracker doesn't contain the fields or functionality your looking for.

    I agree that Squishdot will probably lead you to frustration for this kind of use. There are plenty of ways to extract the Squishdot stuff for easy cut/pasting into the wiki, or whatever tracking tool you want.

    What about Squishdot attracted it to you for an issue tracker? If discussion, email and searchability Zwiki should serve you fine.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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