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Can Squishdot scale?
Squishdot Posted by bill on Thursday July 31, 11:30PM, 2003
from the Can Squishdot compete? dept.
How well can Squishdot compete?

I thank Squishdot for their timely reply to my last query. Yet, I have another. Can Squishdot scale to million's of hits per day like Zope. If I am Sony or Siemens can I use Squishdot and sleep at night? Since the ZODB scales to gigabytes of information, can Squishdot hold it's own? Can it be used in high traffic situations without worry? I thank you all for your time and effort. It's developers like you all that pose the biggest threat to the Microsofts of the world...and Microsoft knows it...YEAH! Bill

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    by Chris Withers on Saturday August 02, 03:37PM, 2003
    Well, any web application taking millions of hits per day needs to be carefully thought through, particularly in terms of hardware architecture.

    However, I would say yes. Sites like CBS New York run similar Zope applications and take huge numbers of hits per day.

    As for "high traffic situations", it should be fine. The only circumstance where you may run into issues is if you simultaneously have hundreds of users posting comments and articles.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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